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Hello, my name is

Bella Anderson, UW-AAB

Fun Fact: my very first word was “kitty cat.” Animals have been a lifelong love of mine and advocating for them is my passion. With over 13 years fostering cats and kitten through Seattle Area Feline Rescue, I grew up with a rotating cast of personalities, paws, and whiskers in my home which allowed me to learn how to socialize, administer medication, monitor behavior, and enrich the lives of hundreds of animals.


my Hisstory

I hold a certification in Applied Animal Behavior through the University of Washington which is the only program of its kind from a four-year accredited university, studying under experts Dr. James C. Ha, CAAB and Dr. Renee Robinette Ha. I am trained to identify behavior in multiple species and provide practical solutions for owners of domestic animals experiencing unwanted behaviors, with an emphasis in dogs, cats, birds, and horses. As a behaviorist, I see myself as a translator between human and non-human animals, bridging a gap that cannot be closed with words, but with egoless empathy and observation. Though we may not be able to speak with animals, we can learn their unique and complex languages by letting go of anthropomorphic ways and adopting the willingness to think like an animal.



I was introduced to the hobby of searching for, observing, and categorizing wild birds, (known as 'birding') by a friend of mine and took to it instantly. At first, I used binoculars, but soon what I was seeing was too exciting to keep to myself. I started bringing a camera along with me, desperate to capture and share these magnificent and beautiful winged creatures with, quite honestly, anyone who would indulge my obsession. Since then, I haven't been able to put my camera down. Through my vision as a photographer, I share my enthusiasm for thousands of species with the world and bring an awareness and awe to others who share this planet with them.

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